ERTICO’s ITS World Congress highlights

As Danish author Hans Christian Andersen once said, “to travel is to live”. Traveling represents an important part of our daily lives: whether you are traveling to another country or simply commuting to school or work, you are always dedicating part of your day going somewhere.

The aim of the ITS World Congress is to see how travel can be made faster, easier, less time consuming and, this year especially, more environmentally friendly. In 2018 the ERTICO team has not only been busy organising the congress, but has also prepared a great number of events and presentations for its Partners and congress attendees.

A first important result of ERTICO’s international strategy was the start of a cooperation with ITS China and the creation of a Joint Innovation Centre. ERTICO then successfully brought together its Partners Volkswagen, Huawei, FIA, HERE and representatives from the City of Copenhagen, as well as with the CEO of Saphe, in a press conference on the first day of Congress, discussing with the media how smart mobility can improve the quality of life.