Public consultation on Recommendation on Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM)

Cars and other vehicles are increasingly equipped with sensors, driver assistance systems and internet connectivity, allowing them to become connected, smart and autonomous. These cars exchange information with other similar cars, the road infrastructure, or with remote data bases, with the aim to provide new mobility services. Fully autonomous vehicles are just around the corner.

Building on the previous ‘Europe on the Move’ initiative of May 2017, on 17 May 2018 the European Commission announced a strategy  to make Europe a world leader for automated and connected transportation. The objective is to allow all Europeans to benefit from safer traffic, less polluting vehicles and more advanced technological solutions, while supporting the competitiveness of the EU industry. The strategy looks at a new level of cooperation between road users, which could potentially bring enormous benefits for the transport ecosystem as a whole. Transport will be safer, cleaner, cheaper and more accessible to the elderly and to people with reduced mobility.

The Communication on Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) proposed a comprehensive EU approach towards connected and automated mobility, setting out a clear and ambitious European agenda. This agenda provides a common vision and proposes actions for developing and deploying key technologies, services and infrastructure. Among these actions, the Commission will work towards the adoption of a recommendation to be addressed to EU countries and industry actors. The recommendation will look into the use of pioneer spectrum for 5G large-scale testing, cybersecurity issues and into a data governance framework that enables data sharing, in line with the initiatives of the 2018 Data Package, and with data protection and privacy legislation.

The aim is to ensure that EU legal and policy frameworks are ready to support the deployment of safe connected and automated mobility, while simultaneously addressing societal and environmental concerns which will be decisive for public acceptance.

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Public consultation on Recommendation on Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM)