January 24, 2020

Roughan & O’Donovan

Roughan and O’Donovan (ROD) is one of the leading Civil Engineering Consultancies in Ireland and provides services to roads, public transport and rail projects from feasibility through to handover and subsequent asset management. Through the provision of these services, ROD continues to expand our expertise in the installation, operation and maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for different modes of transport and traffic management. Through our expertise in the development of contracts, ROD have assisted Clients in maximising the availability of ITS equipment by establishing a policy of improved Asset Management that promotes high levels of service delivery. Our subsidiary company, Roughan & O’ Donovan Innovative Solutions (ROD-IS), brings together over thirty years of research in infrastructure loading, design and assessment and applies this knowledge in the use of advanced technologies to monitor and predict the performance of infrastructure Website: http://www.rod.ie/

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