March 5, 2022

National Roads Design Office

The Cork National Roads Office (NRO) is a local authority shared service in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in respect of national roads within Cork City and Cork County. Cork County Council (CCC) have been designated by TII as the lead road authority for the administration of the Cork NRO. TII’s primary function is to provide an integrated approach to the future development and operation of the national road network and light rail infrastructure throughout Ireland. TII has overall responsibility for the planning and supervision of works for the construction and maintenance of national roads and the provision of a safe and efficient network of national roads. The primary role of the Cork NRO is to support the participating road authorities and TII in the discharge of their functions in respect of national roads. TII determine the specific projects and activities to be advanced by the Cork NRO on behalf of the participating road authorities in accordance with established policy and, as appropriate, the prioritisation as determined by Government.

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