Mott MacDonald

With over 100 years of practical experience in the transport sector and 20 years’ specialist experience in intelligent transport systems (ITS), Mott MacDonald is recognised as a leader in this field. New technology and evolving transport needs mean that change has been constant and as a result, we’re coming ever closer to genuinely intelligent transport systems. Mott MacDonald provides a complete service across all surface transport modes and throughout the entire programme lifecycle, to create stable and sustainable solutions with tangible operational benefits. Our technology community has a strong identity in the transport sector, developing, supporting and even hosting systems that enable management of assets, networks and world class events. We provide expert support to information security and data analytics, as well as more conventional services like procurement support, project management, technical design and specification. We are active participants in collaborative research and development programmes, looking at ‘future now’ solutions for smarter mobility in both urban nodes and the connecting interurban links. We also offer scale through some 150-160 technology professionals, embracing state-of-the-art building information modelling, geographic information systems and digital infrastructure.
Recouping the benefits of intelligent transport solutions requires strong collaboration. That comes from relationships built on common goals, and teams working on shared objectives. Are you looking for a sounding board to explore your technology challenges? Are you looking to innovate?
We have a strong culture of collaborating to drive new thinking and deliver step-changes in performance. We are one of the world’s largest employee-owned companies, with the freedom to set long-term strategies and focus on innovation for excellence. You can tap into this deep reservoir of knowledge, insight and capability by contacting any of our people. So let’s start a conversation today.

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