March 6, 2023

ITS Nationals and ERTICO announce closer cooperation

ITS Ireland welcomes the development of increased cooperation and collaboration between the ITS Nationals and ERTICO and supports the work undertaken by Dónal Hodgins, in his role as vice-chair of the Network of National ITS Associations in driving the interests of the group of national organisations and raising awareness of ITS in Ireland and across the continent.   The Network of National ITS Associations (ITS Nationals) is strengthening its ties with ERTICO-ITS Europe, as the two organisations continue to work together to make their partnership stronger.   ITS Nationals, which has an objective to ensure that ITS knowledge and information is transmitted to all its members across the region, has accepted an invitation from ERTICO’s CEO, Joost Vantomme, to join the ERTICO Strategy Committee as a permanent member.  Vice Chair, Dónal Hodgins will attend quarterly meetings of the Committee, which provides an advisory role to the Supervisory Board of ERTICO.  His presence, representing the 28 national ITS organisations will support closer cooperation between the two entities and improve cohesiveness between European ITS stakeholders. Read full article here

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