January 27, 2020

ERTICO proves range is no longer an obstacle for summer getaways in an electric car

Last month in Barcelona, the European project ‘Hyper-Network for Electromobility’ or NeMo began a cross-border drive across Europe under real-life test conditions in an electric car. The project team drove 5,000 kilometres through nine European countries, stopping at various points on the journey to charge the vehicle to demonstrate the validity of the Inter-Roaming protocol developed by the project.

Electric cars are gaining in popularity, but planning for a long trip is not always practical: electric charging stations belong to different networks and offer different conditions of access and payment. Electro-mobility roaming (or eRoaming) platforms already enable an interoperable solution with more than 100,000 charge points all over Europe: they have brought many networks together, but NeMo has taken the next step in linking two of Europe’s leading roaming platforms to further improve interoperability and enable seamless electric vehicle trips across different European countries.Read more at https:

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