March 8, 2022

DCC career opportunities, Executive ITS Officer

The work in the ITS Division involves all aspects of traffic management within the City but especially the use of the Traffic Control system SCATS. SCATS is a centralised traffic signal management Control System which controls over 860 Traffic signals throughout both Dublin City Council and numerous other Local Authority areas. This system operate with real communication to traffic controllers on the street via a wide range of media such as telephony, fibre optic, and 3 /4 G technology. The ITS Division control and operate this city-wide system, and the use of all ITS to ensure that all modes of transport can be managed effectively and safely. The work involves the use of the many traffic management applications which Dublin City Council use and may also include the installing, supporting and maintaining the Dublin City Council’s Intelligent Transports Systems. This role will involve all aspects of work on SCATS from use of the system to the specification of traffic signal operation and the relevant testing and optimisation of junctions and network links.

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