January 27, 2020

Centre for London Think Tank calls for per-mile London road charging

The Centre for London Think Tank has published a report titled “Green Light: Next Generation of Road User Charging for a Healthier, More Liveable London” which calls for London to move towards a new road user charging scheme that charges drivers on a per-mile basis.

The report puts forward a case for an integrated road pricing scheme whereby costs would vary by vehicle emissions, local levels of congestion and pollution and availability of public transport alternatives – and prices would be set before the journey begins.

The proposed scheme would be integrated with London’s wider transport system via a new app and digital platform, which the report proposes would be run by Transport for London. The scheme, which the report calls City Move, would provide Londoners with more choice about how they travel around the city. City Move would utilise the latest technology to give Londoners all their travel information in one place, allowing them to compare, plan and pay for journeys. Drivers, for example, would be presented with costs and impacts of using their vehicle versus alternative modes of transport.

The report outlines a number of benefits of the City Move app and connected road user charging scheme.  The report can be downloaded here.Read more at https:

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