Course Details: Behaviour Change for Transport Professionals

ITS Ireland is delighted to announce an upcoming training course in behaviour change for transport professionals, taking place in November.

The course will be given by a team from the Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London (UCL) and will provide participants with an introduction to the principles of behaviour change science and design of behaviour change interventions, using Irish examples of transport projects throughout. Behaviour change is increasingly recognised as central to human well-being, social cohesion and sustainability and is a challenging and complex process, requiring theories, methods and evidence from many academic disciplines. With many cities now introducing lower speed limits, congestion charging, and integrated ticketing in an effort to bring about modal shift from private car use to more sustainable transport modes such as public transport, cycling and walking, transport policymakers and practitioners are playing a key role in projects that aim to bring about large-scale changes in behaviour. This course seeks to increase knowledge of how behaviour change science can be applied to the transport sector, through the presentation of practical, evidence-based frameworks for developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour change interventions.

Who should attend
This course is suitable for anyone who has a role in transport projects that require changes in behaviour and who require an understanding of behavioural science and the methods that can be used to bring about changes in behaviour at an individual, organisational or societal level. The course is also appropriate for anyone who, whilst not tasked with behaviour change themselves, are required to authorise or audit actions submitted by others.

No prior knowledge or experience of behaviour change science is required.

Course Delivery
The course will be presented by facilitators from the Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London (UCL), led by Dr Rachel Carey (Click here for more information). The Centre for Behaviour Change is a unique initiative, harnessing the breadth and depth of academic expertise in behaviour change at UCL to address key challenges facing society. They offer bespoke training workshops and courses to introduce participants to the principles of behaviour change and demonstrate how these can be applied to a range of practical problems.

Course content
Although there are no prerequisites for this course, it is anticipated that delegates will provide some examples of projects that they have worked on or will be working on which can be used in the workshop. Attendance Maximum of 15 delegates. The training course will have the following format:

Day 1 (10.00 – 16.30)
– Introduction to behavioural science principles
– Defining behaviours: Translation of broad problems/objectives to specific, measurable behaviours
– Understanding behaviours: Conducting a ‘behavioural diagnosis’ using the ‘COM-B’ model
– Intervention design: Using the Behaviour Change Wheel
Day 2 (10.00 – 16.30)
– Brief recap of Day 1
– Bringing your intervention to life: Selecting behaviour change techniques
– Discussion of metrics for measuring success
– Next steps: Developing action plans for specific problems
Learning Outcomes Delegates should come away with a thorough knowledge of the basic principles of behaviour change and have a toolkit for how to scope and develop intervention strategies


Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Dublin City Council, Dublin 8
Time & Date
Start Date: 23rd November 2017
End Date: 24th November 2017
Course Price
€595 (ITS Ireland Members)
€795 (Non-ITS Ireland Members)


Dr Rachel Carey, Dr Fabiana Lorencatto, Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL

Further information
Overnight accommodation is not available via ITS Ireland and delegates must arrange accommodation for themselves if they are unable to commute. This course will go ahead subject to demand. If it is considered that there is not sufficient demand, this course will either be cancelled or re-scheduled. Delegates will be informed via email. No payments will be taken until such time as the course is confirmed. ITS Ireland cannot be held responsible for any costs related to travel arrangements or accommodation made prior to confirmation of the course going ahead.

Register for Course
Space is limited on this course so please register early in order to secure your place. Please click here to book.

Express your interest
If you have an interest in this course but are still undecided or not yet in a position to make a formal booking then you may like to express your interest in this course by contacting