Visit to Iarnród Éireann Central Traffic Control Centre

Continuing our excellent education offerings, ITS Ireland was delighted to provide the opportunity for all members to visit the Iarnród Éireann Central Traffic Control Centre (CTC) in Dublin on May 19th. This was the second site tour of 2015 following on from the impressive tour of Dublin City Council’s award winning Traffic Control Room and Incident Management Centre.

Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre adjacent to Connolly Rail Station the CTC dates to the 1970’s, with a significant extension in the 1980’s to facilitate control of the DART network. At present approximately 75% of the rail network (approximately 1500km) is controlled from the CTC.
Currently the CTC is operating at capacity and ITS Ireland members were intrigued to see a variety of aged technology and new systems working seamlessly together to control both suburban and mainline rail operations in Ireland.

It is recognised that the existing CTC is in need of modernisation and funding for the preparation of a staging strategy and for the design of the new CTC is being provided by the Irish Government (through the National Transport Authority), with co-financing from the Innovation & Networks Agency of the European Commission.

Iarnród Éireann is currently progressing with the design of the replacement CTC, while in tandem undertaking refurbishments and interim interventions in the existing CTC to minimise risks and continue effective traffic control.

If you missed out on this tour, don’t worry too much as ITS Ireland will be offering similar site visits in the not-too-distant future.

ITS Ireland would like to thank Iarnród Éireann and in particular Darren Bowe (‎Manager CTC and Train Performance) for opening up this facility for the day so that our members could experience ITS in action in Ireland.