Transport Trends – An overview of Ireland’s Transport Sector

The Economic and Financial Evaluation Unit in the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport would like to draw your attention to a recent publication entitled ‘Transport Trends’ which is available here:

The objective of the document is to provide a high level overview of the main trends emerging from the latest data and statistics relating to the transport sector. The intention is to release this document an annual basis.

The document is split in to three sections:

Section A: Infrastructure – A broad overview of the infrastructure that makes up the Irish transport system by area: roads, public transport, maritime, aviation and sustainable transport.

Section B: Investment – An analysis of expenditure and revenue associated with transport and recent trends in this context to detail where funding has been targeted.

Section C: Performance – An overview of how the transport system is currently being used in terms of method of travel, distance, passenger numbers, freight and energy use.

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