Annual ITS Ireland Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the Governing Board, we would like to thank everyone for attending the Annual ITS Ireland AGM which took place on the eve of the ITS Ireland conference on October 4th.

While a lot of important business was discussed, the main focus of the meeting was on electing the new Governing Board to serve for 2013. In that regard, we welcome new Governing Board Members Donal Hodgins (Kildare County Council) and Martin Maycock (South Dublin County Council) who will join incumbent and re-elected members David O’Keeffe (Arup), David Laoide-Kemp (National Roads Authority), Mark Elmore (Elmore Group), Eamonn O’Donnell (Bandwidth Communications), Niall Molloy (Rennicks), and John Davis (Arup). We would like to extend a sincere thanks to outgoing Board members Mark Kenny (IBM) and Paul Bennett (IBI Group) for their valued contributions throughout the year and look forward to both taking active and continued roles with the organisation. In addition, we would like to appreciate the hard work of Scott Fennelly and Celine Crawford in their continuous endeavours in supporting the organisation.