SATIE – Help Prepare for a Future European Large Scale Action

The SATIE document is an open invitation to help prepare for a future European Large Scale Action (ELSA) for innovation and deployment of ICT for transport and mobility in Europe. Reading this document should help you understand why ELSA is urgently needed. You will get an overview of the preliminary concept proposed by the SATIE consortium for ELSA: a model based on partnerships, where local and regional initiatives across Europe can be linked to achieve a critical mass and become a true network comprising test-beds, innovation incubators and pre-market implementations.

To download the SATIE document please click here: SATIEDelivD3 1v2

SATIE is identifying and contacting potential ELSA participants to understand their needs and expectations regarding a large-scale initiative in their domain and area. We invite you to read and react to this short paper, and tell us what you think via the SATIE website ( or in person at one of the public workshops.

To whom is this document addressed? ELSA for ICT in transport and mobility will need the participation of a diverse group comprising academic and industrial researchers, system developers, service providers, transport network operators, public authorities, automotive and traffic system manufacturers, telecom operators etc. Without strong commitment from stakeholders bringing innovation and/or investment power, a transport-ICT ELSA would not be successful. This document is therefore intended to awaken a first expression of interest from stakeholders with these capacities, who are willing to be part of a Europe-wide endeavour leading towards large-scale deployment.