ITS Ireland carries out review of EasyWay Guidelines

Following a request last year from the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport (DTTAS), ITS Ireland formed a sub-committee to carry out a Member State review of the EU Programme EasyWay’s Deployment Guidelines on behalf of Ireland. This review process was completed on 30th April and submitted to EasyWay on 1st May. Because of time and resource constraints the subcommittee submitted detailed comments on the following guidelines, identified as priorities by the DTTAS:

  • TIS-DG01 Reference Document;
  • TIS-DG02 Forecast and Real Time Event Information;
  • TIS-DG03/05 Traffic Condition and Travel Time Information Service;
  • TIS-DG04 Speed Limit Information Services;
  • TIS-DG06 Weather Information Services;
  • TIS-DG07 Co-modal Traveller Information Services;
  • VMS-DG01 Principles of VMS Design;
  • VMS-DG02 Specific Messages Recommended;
  • FLS-DG01 Intelligent Truck Parking and Secure Truck Parking.

The Guidelines are now in an amendment/improvement period until 15 September where they will be circulated for final enquiry before being submitted for adoption by Member States in November.

For further details on the guidelines please refer to the easyway deployment guidelines website at For information on the review process within Ireland please email David Laoide-Kemp at