COMPASS project

TTS Italia is involved in COMPASS project (optimised CO-Modal PASSenger transport for reducing Carbon emissions, started in November 2011 and coordinated by Edinburgh Napier University.

One of the specific objectives of COMPASS is to assess how ICT and ITS applications can contribute to the de-carbonisation of transport activities; develop business models that enable and promote these solutions in practice; derive conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions.

At this stage of the project we are looking for Experts in transport and ITS sectors who are kindly invited to participate the research, and give their contribution to the definition of ICT solutions improving co-modality in passenger transport. The Experts will be involved in business modelling through structured discussions managed by TTS Italia, in a process delivering effective business models for ICT solutions improving co-modality. The Experts will be supported in the whole process by the Consortium, will be invited to the final conference, will receive privileged information on the project progresses. Their names will be published in any related publication realised within the project as well as in the “Links” section of the project web site with reference to their company web site.

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