ERTICO forum on ITS for Urban Mobility

ERTICO is developing an initiative with cities and other organisations to foster information exchange and mutual support for the deployment of ITS for bringing more intelligence into urban mobility.  As a first step, ERTICO hosted a forum on “ITS for Urban Mobility” which was held in Brussels on the 1st December.  ITS Ireland was represented at this event.

In advance of this forum, ERTICO published a thematic paper on “ITS and urban Mobility”  which gives an overview of the European policy framework concerning urban ITS, introduces some ITS applications which are already making urban mobility more sustainable and suggests deployment steps to be taken by regional and local authorities for the successful implementation of ITS.

The forum consisted of presentations and discussions under the following themes;

  • What do cities want?
  • What can ITS deliver?
  • What can help deployment?
  • What are existing success stories and where was ITS successfully implemented?

Click here for a full list of speakers and presentations.

ERTICO will shortly publish a report summarising the discussions and plan a follow-up webinar to be held on 12th January 2012 to facilitate further discussions on the report itself and issues raised in the forum.

The presentations and summary report will be made available to all members once published by ERTICO.