ITRN Conference 2011

Paul Bennett  represented ITS Ireland at the recent Irish Transport Research Network Conference in Cork and chaired in the Smarter Transport session which included a session on ICT & ITS.  The main theme of this year’s conference was Energy & Transport. Transport represents one of the fastest growing contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and biggest consumers of fossil fuel worldwide. In fact transportation accounts for about a quarter of world energy demand and for more than half of all the oil used annually. Therefore sustainability and energy efficiency in transportation systems is particularly relevant with concerns over climate change, security of energy supply and environmental pollution.

The Papers presented at other sessions had a broad range of topics including

  • Transport Infrastructure, Technology & Materials;
  • Transport Logistics & Freight – Aviation & Maritime;
  • Public Transport;
  • Transport & the Environment;
  • Transport & Society;
  • Transportation Modelling;
  • Pedal Power;
  • Saddle Power.

Although by its nature, this conference was aimed more at research and conceptual studies, it did provide an insight into how academia view the significant changes needed in transport to address the needs of society and the environment in the future.  For more information on the ITRN click here.