EASYWAY Deployment Guidelines – National review

The European Commission brought into force the ITS Directive on 28th August 2010. Click here for further information. The Directive highlighted four priority areas for the development of specifications. These are: Optimal use of road, traffic and travel data, Continuity of traffic and freight management ITS Services, ITS Road safety and security applications and Linking the vehicle with transport infrastructure.

ITS Ireland, have been asked to respond to the ITS Directive by developing a national action plan, the first phase being a report on ITS activities already being carried out. This was the focus of the ITS Ireland workshop held on the 12th May last.

In parallel with this the pan-European Commission-sponsored multi-annual programme EASYWAY  have been developing a series of ITS Deployment Guidelines (seehttp://www.easyway-its.eu/1/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=2299&Itemid=167 “or www.easyway-its.eu ). These guidelines were initiated on the basis of what were seen  to be areas of ITS that required more standardisation.

ITS Ireland will be facilitating the coordination of expert commentary on the Deployment Guidelines and request its members to comment on areas of the DG’s that overlap with the ITS Directives these include but are not limited to:

TIS01     Traveller Information Core European Services

TIS02     Forecast and Realtime Event Information

TIS03     Traffic Conditions (Predictive and Real Time)

TIS04     Speed Limit Information

TIS05     Travel Time Services

TIS06     The Deployment of Weather Information Services

TIS07     Co-Modal Traveller Information Services

F&L01    The Deployment of Intelligent Truck Parking

ITS Ireland will also be forming a subcommittee to initially seek suitable voluntary experts in the 8 listed DGs above, and subsequently coordinate the review of each DG in line with the EASYWAY’s DG programme. All those members interested should email david.laoide-kemp@itsireland.ie

Could any members interested in any or all of the above please forward their information to info@itsireland.ie or david.laoide-kemp@itsireland.ie.