European ITS Directive Workshop May 12th

What’s the Workshop about?:

The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive, 2010/40/EU established a framework in support of the co-ordinated and coherent deployment and use of ITS within the EU. It applies to ITS applications and services in the field of road transport and to their interfaces with other modes. The Directive provides the European Commission with extensive powers to develop and adopt common specifications and standards for specific ITS services, which are then binding on the public and private sector in Ireland and other Member States.

In accordance with Article 17 of the Directive, Ireland is obligated to provide a report on national ITS activities and projects by August 2011.  The Department of Transport, with the support of ITS Ireland, is undertaking an on-line survey of ITS with a view to meeting this reporting obligation under the Directive. 

This workshop aims to explain the ITS Directive and the obligations it contains and outline the Department’s survey and information gathering process. The Directive can have legal and financial consequences for organisations involved in ITS. It is understood that the European Commission intends to take the reports from Ireland and other countries into account in developing and adopting into EU law, specifications for particular services in Annex 1 of the Directive.  The workshop will include a number of case studies involving public sector authorities who have deployed ITS and who intend to complete the survey.

The Talk will be held on the 12th May in Trinity College, Dublin, in Lecture Theatre LB04 for the agenda and contact details please click here.