Agreements with International ITS Organisations

Donal Hodgins, ITS Ireland’s Liaison Officer, reported to the March Board Meeting that agreements have been reached with other International ITS Organisations to exchange internet links.  Over 20 National ITS organisations have agreed to host links to and on our useful links page direct links are available to all our members.
As part of this exchange of information policy, ITS Ireland will be entering into Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with strategic global organisations.  Members who are working in foreign countries or looking to work in these countries will have access through ITS Ireland to senior ITS policy contacts in the areas of transport and technology policy, infrastructure and transport operators, industry, research, and education.
These close links provide the platform for our members and these international parties to exchange knowledge, to communicate, and to conjointly develop new ideas and solutions for the global traffic challenges of the future.
Any member who wishes to use this international contacts can contact Donal directly at to discuss the available opportunities for members.