Dublin Bus AVL Seminar

The primary role of the seminar was an overview of the Dublin Bus AVL project and implementation of their realtime display and control system allowing inspectors to improve the quality of service to the public. This included the need to capture data to ensure vehicles are arriving and leaving stops on time on all routes.

Mr Mark Kenny, Area manager with Dublin bus explained how Dublin Bus has moved to deploy Automatic Vehicle location throughout the fleet. Sites along routes have been designed to carry out location updates via the same radio used for voice communications. The on-board computer can then send updates via a wireless LAN.

The discussions centred on the operations and roll out of Dublin Bus AVL and Passenger information systems which will aim to include a number of benefits for the customer such as interactive terminals, Electronic bus stop displays, On-Board information, at home/office information and Website updates.

The Team from Dublin Bus also dealt with a number of queries from delegates in regard to the management of the system from a controller’s point of view with regards to extreme weather and special events. In general the system was shown to build on information that is already available in existing media but provides a more reliable (near real-time) service. The system has its own particular presentation characteristics and input mechanisms from the instation operator and it is important to note that Dublin bus did look at the underlying mechanism and infrastructure for the provision of the realtime data.

We especially thank Dublin Bus, the delegates and the speakers who collectively made the 2-hour Seminar a success. We have received numerous positive commendations on the presentation and we hope to see another large turnout for the next Seminar on the ITS Directive to be given by Mr James Caffrey of the NRA on Wednesday 15th of June.