ITS Working Group Workshop

At the invite of the National Network of ITS Associations, ITS Ireland were represented at an Ertico managed workshop in Brussels on the 21st of February in support of understanding Member States responsibilities arising out of the ITS Directive including the setting up of an information exchange portal and the development of a reporting template to assist in the delivery of obligations. The event was attended by numerous ITS Associations and Ertico partners including the Department of Transport. Additional events and workshops are planned in the near future including an upcoming seminar on June 15th organised by ITS Ireland to assist ITS Ireland members in better understanding their obligations and potential impacts. The first such obligation is that all “Member States shall submit to the Commission by 27 August 2011 a report on their national activities and projects regarding the priority areas”. ITS Ireland are active participants on the Department of Transport ITS Working Group which seeks to understand the implications of the Directive and meet the various specified Directive obligations. For more information, please contact