Welcome, ITS Ireland 2018 Annual Conference

Dear ITS Ireland Members and distinguished guests,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our 2018 annual conference. The
theme of this year’s event is “Digitalisation of Ireland’s Transport Network” which
reflects the need for our sector to be fully informed about the opportunities and
challenges arising from an accelerated international shift towards a digital transport
It is not long since the sole purpose of a telephone was to make or receive
telephone calls. Today, smartphones are used for a plethora of applications
such as taking photographs, ordering dinner, checking weather, infotainment
etc. The number of smartphone applications is rapidly expanding as the ‘Internet
of Things’ evolves i.e. everything and everybody is connected, cultivating an
emerging industry in smartphone applications. This evolution / revolution totally
transformed the entire telecom sector, forcing businesses to restructure, evolve
business processes and upskill resourcing to maintain their sustainability in response
to customer needs.
The transport sector is faced with similar challenges, with rapid digital technology
change and increased connectivity transforming how we deliver improved
mobility. The move towards Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility
(CCAM) is leading to a digital transport network where technology and operations
become an integrated component of a harmonized approach; addressing multiple
transport policy objectives leading to safer, more efficient and sustainable transport
We sincerely hope that our conference programme helps to inform discussions and
debate around how ITS can be an enabler for the safe and efficient movement of
people and goods in a digital transport network.
We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing support of ITS Ireland.
John Davis, Chairperson
On behalf of the ITS Ireland Board