Signal Aspects: Traffic Control Management for the LUAS Cross City Route

On Wednesday 26th September, a lunchtime talk organised by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Ireland will take place in the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council, Dublin 8.

When passenger services officially started on the LUAS Cross City route in December 2017, it marked the completion of the four year construction of the Green Line extension. Picking up at the St. Stephen’s Green terminus, the extended tram service now travels through the city centre and on to Broombridge, providing 13 new LUAS stops, many at popular destinations in the city centre.

Although less obvious to the public than the construction phase of the project, a huge amount of work was done behind the scenes to ensure that the new LUAS service integrates safely and efficiently with the existing traffic signal system. From the planning stage to design to final testing, the traffic signal operation is a key technical challenge of a new tram service which must accommodate competing demands while at the same time ensuring priority for public transport. In this technical seminar, we will hear about these challenges and how they were addressed.

The presentation will be delivered by Brendan O’Brien, Head of Technical Services, Environment & Transportation, Dublin City Council.

Brendan’s presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the LUAS Cross City project
  • Introduction to tram signal operation
  • Approach to LUAS Priority Design
  • Challenges faced
  • Looking to the future

A light lunch will be served from 12:30 pm and the presentation will begin at 12:45 pm. You can book your place for this presentation below.


Brendan O’Brien, Head of technical Services, Environment & Transportation, Dublin City Council

Date: Wednesday 26th September 2018

Time: 12.30pm

Location: Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Dublin 8

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