Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy

The Mayor of London has today announced a consultation, proposing an ambitious plan to reduce car journeys by 3m every day, cutting congestion, toxic emissions and CO2.

It proposes: “Changing the way Londoners pay for using private vehicles on London’s roads could help significantly to reduce the congestion and emissions associated with car dependency and inefficient freight and servicing trips.”

The consultation will run until 2 October. The plan states that a reduction in traffic of about 10-15 percent (6 million kilometers per day) by 2041 is required to keep congestion in check. In central London, where congestion is at its worst, constrained street space and rising levels of freight and private hire traffic are the main issues to be tackled. In outer London, private car use is the main cause of congestion.

TfL will explore new schemes to update the current congestion charge – potentially bringing in a single charge based on road usage and emissions. The mayor said he would also encourage London boroughs to consider local road charging. The aim is that 80% of journeys are made by public transport, walking or cycling. Measures include vehicle-free zones and car parking restrictions, with improved provision for secure cycle parking.

A summary can be found here.

The full document can be downloaded here.