European Transport Conference – Paper Submissions

The European Transport Conference (ETC) attracts papers that address themes of relevance to the transport agenda in Europe and worldwide. The conference provides a great opportunity for presenters to network and form career-spanning professional relationships.
ETC invites Abstract Submissions for the 2017 European Transport Conference. The following major themes will be addressed at the Conference in 2017 and contributors are particularly encouraged to offer abstracts under these headings:

  • Resilience of cities – security, safety and the effects of weather
  • Equity in transport
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Mobility as a Service
  • How to get from innovative ideas to implementation in the real world – lessons to be learnt from innovation
  • Modelling the above
  • Skills and resources – educating the next generation of good, future-proof professionals

Each Programme Committee has also devised its own Call for Abstracts and these can be found on the ETC website.

In addition to contributions to the conference programme, the organisers are keen to offer a home to project meetings and dissemination seminars. Further details can be obtained from Sally Scarlett:

Abstract Submission

You are invited to submit an abstract based on one of the above themes or on one of those suggested by the Programme Committees. The deadline for abstract submission is 8 February 2017.

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