The Guidelines for Deployment of ITS in Urban Regions

The guidelines for deployment of ITS in urban regions, prepared by the Urban ITS Expert Group of the European Commission have been published, click here for more details.

In 2010 the European Commission  set up an Expert Group on ITS for urban areas  with local authorities and their main partners to promote the deployment of ITS. The 24-month long mandate of the Expert Group ended in December 2012. During its mandate, the Expert Group developed guidance on deployment of three key applications of urban ITS. The Urban ITS Expert Group which includes Ian Winning of Cork City Council (Government Members of ITS Ireland) have now published these guidelines.
Many of the aspects referred to in these documents are of interest to all associated with ITS in Ireland and Europe especially in regards to the systems and services already deployed such as RTPI, VMS & Fibre Optic Backbone and UTC.

Guidelines for ITS deployment in Urban Areas – Multimodal Information
Guidelines for ITS deployment in Urban Areas – Smart Ticketing
Guidelines for ITS deployment in Urban Areas – Traffic Management
Best Practices in Urban ITS – Collection of Projects
Potential Needs for Standardisation of Urban ITS

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) supports urban policy goals in areas such as travel information, traffic and demand management, smart ticketing or urban logistics. An integrated approach is even more required in urban areas, including various transport modes and combining both technical and policy issues. The citizen should be in the centre of attention.

Good local initiatives exist but sometimes with limited scope. Cities welcome support from the European level if they can retain independence to decide on ITS deployment. Technical solutions exist and the main barriers to more integrated deployment are more organisational or financial. Click here for more details