Imtech adds City Management to its Intelligent Transport portfolio

Amersfoort, the Netherlands – Imtech Traffic & Infra, the traffic and infrastructure specialist of technical services provider Royal Imtech N.V., has extended its ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) portfolio by acquiring the Cutlas Common Database system from Envitia Ltd. The addition of a centralized control and strategic management system enables Imtech to fully address cities’ needs for integration and optimal performance of traffic flows and transport networks.

Jan Casteleijn, Managing Director Imtech Traffic & Infra: ‘The acquisition of the Cutlas Common Database system from Envitia enables us to execute our strategy of providing solutions and value added services to cities worldwide. It is a key addition to our portfolio, providing seamless integration of our ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) solutions like ImFlow and SCOOT, and third party systems. ITS covers the application of information and communications technology and data management in traffic infrastructure and vehicles for making traffic safer, more efficient, more reliable and considerably more environmentally friendly. Imtech will continue to develop and expand the capabilities of the new Imtech system in line with the market requirements.

Integration of traffic data
Increasingly cities require effective integration and management of data relating to the performance of the transport network and traffic flows. The City Management System / Cutlas Common Database completes the Imtech Traffic & Infra’s solutions to this requirement. The Imtech portfolio of intelligent traffic solutions enables services based on a city’s assets and traffic infrastructure including the provision of publicly distributed information.

Working in and outside Europe
At the moment Imtech is working on high-tech traffic management solutions in amongst others the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, Croatia and in several non-European countries like Brazil and China.

More information
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Manager Public Relations
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Imtech Traffic & Infra Profile

Imtech Traffic & Infra is a technical services provider delivering total solutions for the traffic and specialized parts of the infrastructural market. It combines electrical services and ICT (information and communication technology) to the best combination of technical services and products for moving people, materials, energy & data flows. Imtech Traffic & Infra partners with clients pro-actively and professionally to integrate the best high-tech total solutions through our knowledge and expertise. We provide consultancy, design, engineering, financing, implementation, maintenance services and maintenance management throughout the entire technology life cycle and business processes with customers.
Imtech is the single point of contact for the client and takes care for overall implementation of a broad range of services. Imtech Traffic & Infra operates in the fields of dynamic traffic management, intelligent transportation systems, traffic safety and enforcement, technical infrastructure, public lighting, energy and parking management. We work in the urban and interurban markets, airports, rail, water, parking facilities and energy distribution networks.

Imtech Traffic & Infra is part of the stock exchange listed Royal Imtech N.V., a technical services provider with strong positions in and outside Europe in the markets for Buildings, Industry, Traffic & Infra and ICT in Europe and in the global Marine market. With approximately 29,000 employees, Imtech achieves annual revenue of around 5.1 billion euro