IRF ITS Manifesto Now Published

This IRF ITS manifesto was published in Vienna. ITS Ireland are members of IRF and have participated in various meetings including a review of the report prior to publishing.

To download the full manifesto click here.

This Manifesto is about the role that ITS can take in improving the efficiency of our transport and, for instance, keeping the traffic on our roads moving, minimising its effects and maintaining and improving our quality of life. It is about benefits for society, both qualitative and quantitative, that can be achieved by optimising the integrated use of technology.

The Manifesto is compiled by international transport industry professionals who strongly believe in that potential but who are not convinced that the right key decision-makers share the commitment. This Manifesto is of particular relevance to political decision makers on national, state and local levels, high level decision makers within transport authorities and their respective advisers. It addresses road transport in particular, but with a keen eye on the need to support co-modality between the road and other transport modes.

The planning, deployment and operation of ITS has to be people-focused and solution-driven. This Manifesto is not about technology being the right answer because it is modern. The value of ITS lies in its contribution to:

  • Achieving overall transport policy objectives in terms of safety, the environment and mobility; and
  • Providing access to improved mobility for all.

To download the full manifesto click here.