European Commission launches ITS Toolkit

The European Commission (EC) has launched the ITS Toolkit, a decision-support toolkit for investment decisions in ITS applications and services and which is part of the Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe.

The toolkit was developed under the 2DECIDE project that was funded by the EC’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Development. It is now available for free (although some finalisation work is still ongoing).

The toolkit covers ITS for road and public transport applications and features user functions and basic descriptions in English, German, French and Italian. The more detailed data such as descriptions of case studies and evaluations is in English only.

This ITS Toolkit can be used to search for ITS applications that are relevant to a specific context (e.g. geographical, area of transport, problem or policy objective) as well as to obtain expected values and ranges for benefits of applications based on evaluation reports of real deployments.

It can also be used to access structured summaries of ITS deployment case studies and evaluations, and to download the original report. The toolkit does not give ‘instant solutions’ nor can it be considered as a replacement for feasibility studies. It can assist in such studies by providing evidence of relevant deployments and their results, success factors and lessons learned elsewhere.

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