TrafiCam x-stream monitors Samuel Beckett Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge, a 120 Meter cable-stayed cantilever bridge was officially opened to traffic on the 11th December 2009 to facilitate traffic flow crossing Dublin’s River Liffey while still facilitating the movement of ships up river. The bridge has been designed on a massive pivot, which allows it to open through an angle of 90 degrees, allowing ships to pass through. In order to monitor vehicular activity on the bridge, Dublin City Council contracted the Elmore Group to supply and install three TrafiCam x-stream detectors which are designed to provide detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles.

The Elmore Group installed one TrafiCam x-stream sensor with narrow angle (6 mm) on each side of the bridge, both aiming towards the middle of the bridge for 60 meters. In addition a TrafiCam x-stream with wide angle (2.1 mm) was also installed on the north side of the bridge itself, just beyond the stop line. All sensors are configured to detect the presence of vehicles on the bridge. Via detection zones (virtual loops) and detection outputs, the vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller. This proved to be a very cost effective solution as, due to the construction of the bridge and its ability to open, the installation off loops and feeder cables to the controller was not feasible.

TrafiCam x-stream is an IP-addressable video detection camera which allows Dublin City Council configure, view and control the device both on-site and remotely if required. In addition this intelligent sensor is a cost-effective and reliable alternative for traditional inductive loops as one TrafiCam x-stream sensor can replace up to 8 loops (24 presence detection zones).

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