Traffic Solutions Limited awarded Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract for Kildare

Traffic Solutions Limited, the Siemens Mobility agent for Ireland awarded the Traffic
Signal Maintenance Contract for Kildare County Council.

The Traffic Management Centre (TMC) was set up by Kildare County Council in 2006 at Aras Chill Dara in Naas. The TMC’s main objective is to act as a focus for the provision of Traffic Management services for the county as a whole. Centralisation of the management of Traffic Signals and related technology was a centrepiece of this “Centre of Excellence” theory.

Prior to the establishment of the TMC, maintenance of traffic signals was a function of area offices and there were no staff qualified in traffic signal control in the area offices. The Traffic Signal Maintenance was undertaken by Traffic Solutions Limited on a call-on call-off basis which resulted in an ad-hoc level of service.

In order to increase the efficiency of repairs of traffic signals and to provide better value for money for the services, a new five-year maintenance contract was prepared and was the subject of a competitive procurement procedure. This process was undertaken to safeguard any necessary maintenance works required up to 2015. Following the tender analysis, Traffic Solutions Limited was successful in winning the contract.

This contract sets the platform for the staff’s duties associated with the management of traffic signal and ITS maintenance to be co-ordinated from the one location – Traffic Management Centre. The number of traffic installations has increased every year, with increased level of developments and at the end of 2009, there were over 150 sites in the county, an increase of nearly 50% in the past five years.

Since the appointment of Traffic Solutions Limited, Kildare County Council has worked with the company to up-skill the technical capabilities of its staff to undertake a minimum standard of maintenance work in house. Having a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to provide traffic control and monitoring equipment maintenance and related services in the County has helped the Council to train its staff sufficiently to now undertake routine checking and cleaning and bulb replacements in-house.

Whilst there is a requirement for a permanent presence in the Traffic Management Centre on a 9 to 5 basis Monday to Friday excluding public holidays, Traffic Solutions Limited has also trained a suitably qualified Council technician in the management of the various systems employed by Kildare County Council.

Based on an approximate cost of €150 per hour this converts to a contractual saving of €1,200 a day, €6,000 a week or €300,000 a year.

Kildare County Council is proud to employ the most qualified staff, for a non-metropolitan Authority, in SCOOT and MOVA technology in Ireland.

A summary of the systems controlled from the TMC are as follows.

1. SCOOT/UTC control of 30 junctions in Newbridge, Naas and Maynooth.
2. Remote monitoring of 64 junctions, pedestrian crossings and count/classification sites located around the County.
3. CCTV monitoring at 33 locations in Newbridge, Leixlip, Naas, Sallins, Celbridge and Maynooth.
4. Dedicated IP (wireless) communications over radio to all CCTV cameras and controllers in towns, including relay sites.
5. County Kildare has a total number of 75 signal controlled junctions and 75 pedestrian/zebra crossings as well as school warning signals, uncontrolled zebra crossings and traffic counter sites. Also, there are number of MOVA sites which can be described as “intelligent SCOOT-like controllers working at a single junction”.