DAA award dispatch contract to Easytrip

Press Release

Dublin, Ireland, Monday 24th January, 2011:  Easytrip, Ireland’s largest provider of electronic tolling services today announced that it has been selected by Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) to supply, test, implement and maintain a Taxi Management System at Dublin Airport. The Easytrip solution will be used by the DAA to maintain visibility on taxi usage and ensure compliance of authorised users while streamlining the flow process through the Dublin Airport concourse. The system will service the taxi holding and taxi rank areas for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The new system combines Easytrip’s extensive knowledge of DSRC technologies, incorporating 5.8 GHz in-vehicle Transponders with an array of Transceivers at strategic locations on the airport campus. Real time data collection is integrated with a suite of management and operational applications, providing the DAA with more effective and efficient capabilities to manage taxi operations. Ground operators are now also provided with a custom built Windows Mobile application with real time information to hand. The automated flow, capacity and dispatch management has replaced what was previously a manual process.

The system utilises a modified version of Easytrip’s BBPark self-developed software suite, which was extended to provide additional lane control features and demand management on top of existing access control, parking transaction management and payment services.

Commenting on the contract win, Ken Tormey, Chief Technology Officer, Easytrip Services Ireland said, “We are extremely proud to have secured this contract with the DAA. It is particularly rewarding as the fully end to end system was developed in-house at Easytrip offices in Dublin and represents another successful roll out in our technical roadmap. The extensible nature of our system means we can adapt our services to varying business and technical requirements and solve what can be complex vehicle management issues for customers.

Taxi drivers who have authority to operate at Dublin Airport will be supplied with a newly designed tag for use at the airport.  When the taxis enter the holding area the tags will register their presence. The Taxi Management System will call the required number of taxis needed for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 by displaying the taxi plate numbers on the large Virtual Messaging System (VMS) in the holding area.

Taxi journeys are tracked through the airport campus, allowing the software to manage various replenishment scenarios. Additional information is also communicated to taxi drivers by a new VMS on the approach road. DAA staff on the ground will also benefit by the introduction of a new mobile application to provide them with taxi information.

“The DAA is committed to continuously improving the passenger experience for both arriving and departing passengers,” said Tony Hardy, Solutions Delivery Manager, Dublin Airport Authority. “In this regard we have been looking for a complete and more efficient solution to the supply and management of taxi services for passengers at Dublin Airport. The recent implementation of Easytrip’s integrated Taxi Management System will ensure that the DAA and taxi drivers provide the optimum service to passengers irrespective of whether they arrive into Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, he concluded.

The system, which has been designed and implemented by Easytrip, commenced operation in early November 2010 to coincide with the opening of the DAA’s Terminal 2 facility.