Cyber Security: The Leading Global Threat

A survey released by global advisory company Wills Tower Watson (WTW) has found that the rapid advancement in technology and digital vulnerability are among the top concerns for executives within the transportation industry, according to

According to the company’s white paper, the top risk was the increased threat of cyber security breaches across all forms of transport. Mark Hue Williams, Head of the Transportation Industry for WTW, said: “By the very nature of the industry, it’s typically front page news. There is an element of media froth around cyber. That said, there is no doubt that cyber activity and breaches within organisations are becoming more prevalent.” Cyber security exposure was previously reported to be growing, particularly within the shipping industry, as threats can result in the improper integration of cyber systems. Cyber threats can take place within cargo handling processes since hackers will be looking to import weapons, narcotics and other illegal items. A feature written previously by PTI found that what is needed within organisations is a culture of actively shielding off cyber security threats so that millions of dollars of goods can be protected. Read More at