Colorado, California Agencies Deploy Data Analytics to Determine Traffic Project Impact

When it comes to the fast-moving field of traffic management technology, there is something of a bubble between what is known — data — and what is unknown. And in that space exists a bubble of uncertainty and potential, a place where government might be able to improve its own operations or even address big public problems like congestion and collisions.

So much so, there’s an industry that works in that bubble. Case in point: INRIX. The company, which gathers traffic data from private vehicles, recently announced three contracts in Colorado and California, where it is either selling data or data analytics to government entities hoping to gain better insights into what’s happening on their roads.

To two of those agencies — the Southern California Association of Governments and the Colorado Department of Transportation — INRIX has sold access to its data analytics platform, Insights. According to Gary Carlin, director of public-sector business development for the company, the platform essentially allows states to take existing data and extract value from it.