Dubai moves closer to being ‘smart city’

Every traffic signal in Dubai is now connected to the emirate’s traffic control centre.

All 408 signals were connected using 3G technology, the Roads and Transport Authority said.

“The project is part of Dubai Government’s initiative to transform Dubai into a smart city,” said Maitha bin Udai, chief executive at the Traffic and Roads Agency.

“It involves replacing the cables used in linking light signals with the traffic control centre in Dubai by a wireless network, besides linking isolated signals with the centre using 3G technology.

“The new system has high usability and efficiency and is easily maintained.”

Among the benefits of the change will be the elimination of a lag in the timing of signals, Ms bin Udai said.

It is also “considered cost-efficient compared with the previous situation, which required an intensive infrastructure in terms of cables and telephone lines to run the service near each signal”, she said.

“The project saves the cost of providing these lines and the risks of losing connectivity in case of any technical glitches or physical malfunctioning.”

She said the system also streamlined the control of light signals through the centre