ITS for cleaner, more sustainable mobility

Transport currently accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Given the scale of this impact, smart mobility solutions will play a key role in improving the environmental credentials of transport by helping transport users make smarter decisions, thereby reducing the sector’s carbon footprint.

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) can act as building blocks for cleaner mobility by increasing the efficiency of transport, reducing emissions, tackling congestion and accidents, making it easier for people to make greener travel choices and making freight and logistics more efficient.

To help ITS achieve its potential as an enabler of clean mobility ERTICO – ITS Europe, a public-private partnership that develops and deploys smart mobility solutions, is working to make these technological advances more efficient through greater interoperability and by creating greater awareness. The challenge of transforming the transport sector to one that is sustainable, clean and based on smart technologies and services is not insignificant. However, experts are not daunted.

“At ERTICO we see this as an exciting opportunity for us to build a better and cleaner future. We believe that we are moving in the right direction,” said ERTICO –ITS Europe CEO Jacob Bangsgaard, adding: “Vehicles for all transport modes are greener and more efficient than ever before, and awareness of the need to tackle localised air pollution as well as climate change goals is high, particularly at city level.”