In Berlin, there’s now one app to access every mode of transportation

If you want to go somewhere in Berlin without driving your own car, a new app will give you every option–from bikesharing and scooters to ridehailing, carpooling, carsharing, taxis, and the entire public transportation system–and let you buy tickets on a single platform.

The app, Jelbi, which will launch this summer, connects services that currently each have apps of their own, making it difficult to plan a trip or buy tickets given the number of choices. “We have eight bikesharing companies in the market, alone,” says Christof Schminke, the managing director in Germany for Trafi, the tech company that built the platform for BVG, Berlin’s public transport company. “I think it’s a good sign that Berlin has all the mobility options, but for every service you need a separate app on your smartphone.”

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