Open Mobility Conference 2019

The TravelSpirit and MaaS Alliance Open Mobility Conference 2019 will bring together innovators, disruptive thinkers, transport authorities, operators, technology providers and infrastructure developers in a unique co-creative environment to begin to answer the big questions for the future of mobility:

• How can we ensure MaaS is developed in a way that is inclusive, sustainable and helps tackle climate change?

• How can we create new mobility services that can be easily deployed, scaled, and integrated seamlessly with existing provision?

• What does an open ecosystem and Internet of Mobility look like, and what opportunities does it create?

• What transformations to corporate mindset, public policy, investment climate and transport regulations are needed to support the above?

• Why is openness so important?

This exciting and progressive event will gather inspiring examples from diverse elements of the transport industry – automotive, airline, travel, logistics, taxi and public transport.