Hybrid Communication Task Force leading off to a new solution for Cooperative ITS

The second face-to-face meeting of the CONCORDA project Hybrid Communication Task Force was held on January 15 in Paris. Experts from telco and automotive industry, as well as academia, came together to scope solutions for Cooperative ITS using hybrid communication.

“Hybrid”, in this context, means not only enabling long-range (3G/4G and beyond) cellular communication of C-ITS messages, but a truly integrated solution where long-range cellular can complement short-range communication technology-based systems.

The task force is currently collecting insights from previous connected driving trials, where long-range cellular communication was used. This includes the evaluation of communication on the radio link, but also backend solutions assuring that different IT systems (clouds) can be interconnected.

Shaping and agreeing on a common view of available solution concepts is a first step for reaching the task force goal: defining a holistic end-to-end solution, centered on the goals of European C-ITS.