Mobility app aims to cut the US carbon footprint

Cowlines, a multimodal transportation app, has been launched in 62 cities across North America and Canada including the metro regions of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, San Diego, Toronto and New York City.

The move follows a pilot of the app in the city of Vancouver in March 2018.

Solving complex commuting

According to Cowlines, the app solves “complex commutes” by offering customised routes that aggregates and combines any transportation option to move around the city and claims it delivers up to 50 per cent faster routes for non-car trips compared to other apps.

Cowlines users use the free app to plan their commutes by choosing a route based on what matters most to them. Users can plan their trip by selecting the fastest, cheapest or greenest route to take, combining any form of transportation available.

Users can know the total cost of a trip, how long it takes them to get there and calculate their carbon footprint. Cowlines not only aggregates all transport options available but quantifies the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based on the route, using a proprietary methodology based on international standards and best practices.

Cowlines said it is “moving the needle forward” by enabling modal shift for cleaner and more sustainable forms of transport in cities by integrating public transit, ride-share, bike-share, car-share and taxis into a single personalised route.