Future Jaguar-Land Rover vehicles will communicate with traffic lights

In the future, Jaguar-Land Rover vehicles could help motorists avoid pesky red lights. The automaker announced Wednesday that it’s begun to trial its Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) system.

GLOSA communicates with connected traffic lights via vehicle-to-everything technology (V2X). Audi employs a similar system in its vehicles, which can communicate with traffic lights in 10 U.S. cities. JLR’s system provides drivers the optimal speed to travel to ensure they don’t get stuck at a red light as they approach an intersection.

JLR continues to test the prototype technology on Jaguar F-Pace SUVs as part of the UK Autodrive project. The government-funded project has provided nearly $26 million to help accelerate self-driving and connected vehicle technologies locally. JLR said widespread adoption of V2X technology will help drivers not only avoid intersections and red light delays, but also help improve air quality. The automaker imagines fewer drivers accelerating to rush through an intersection as a green light shifts to yellow.