Dublin Institute of Technology

The School of Transport Engineering, Environment & Planning

The School of Transport Engineering, Environment & Planning offers courses in Spatial Planning, Environmental Management, Transport Technologies, Logistics, and Planning as well as Sustainable Transport Technologies. Programmes range from Apprenticeships and Diplomas to Bachelor, Masters and PhD qualifications. The School is based in the College of Engineering and the Built Environment at DIT Bolton Street.

Spatial Planning and Environmental Management shape the places where we live and work. Smart technologies and new approaches to development and innovation are transforming urban and rural areas. Our courses provide the skills to plan and manage the built and natural environment. Technical and managerial courses are provided across a range of disciplines focused on the Transport Industry. The diversity of the courses provided reflects its involvement in training for all transport modes. The programmes offered allow graduates to access career paths in these areas and fully prepare and equip them to meet the challenges and demands of an ever-changing transport sector.

Website: http://www.dit.ie/