ITS Ireland exists to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) for safer, more efficient and more sustainable transport.

ITS Ireland is a non-profit public / private sector partnership drawn from academic interests, consultancies, equipment suppliers, government bodies, local authorities, representative bodies and transport operators. Membership is open to all with the following categories of membership available: Corporate, Governmental and non-profit organisations, Individual and Student. For more information regarding membership please visit here. To download the ITS Ireland Logo in pdf format click here: ITS Logo

Please see link below for current ITS Ireland Strategic Plan:

ITS Ireland Strategic Plan 2014 -2019

ITS Ireland Postal Address

PO Box 11864 Dublin 10 Email: info@itsireland.ie

Executive Governing Board

Following the nomination and election of the Executive Governing Board Members at 2016 ITS Ireland AGM, the Board has now ratified the following members for the year 2016/2017

Chairperson – Mr John Davis

John Davis is a tolling and e-payments specialist with AECOM. John has accumulated over 20 years of experience encompassing commercial, contractual, technical, operations and maintenance of all types of toll systems. In addition, John has substantial experience in the design and implementation of back-office financial systems across a wide range of industry sectors. John assisted in the foundation of ITS Ireland and served as a board member from 2010 to 2014. He was returned to the board in 2016. The new ITS Ireland chairman recently presented a paper on “The Convergence of Urban and Inter-urban Mobility”.

 Vice Chairperson – Mr Donal Hodgins

DH_V01Donal has 20 years experience in Traffic Management and related projects. Along with several others, Donal was instrumental in the formation of ITS Ireland. He currently provides a conduit between similar international organisations, other professional bodies, public representatives and ITS Ireland, the ITS Ireland Board and its members. His role includes the promotion and marketing of the ITS Ireland “Brand” and the provision of ITS information through communication about initiatives with the stakeholder groups mentioned. He is currently employed with Kildare County Council and has worked in the Irish Civil Service, International consultancies and various local authorities in Ireland.

Treasurer – Mr Mark Elmore

Mark Elmore is Managing Director of the Elmore Group and has worked in the traffic, transportation and ITS field for over 30 years. He is an Engineering Technician and has a B.A. in Management. Along with several others, Mark was instrumental in the formation of ITS Ireland and was elected to the Governing Board in 2010 where he has since served as Treasurer. He is a major participant and contributor to ITS Ireland, and in the Events, Management role is instrumental in the organisation of the ITS Ireland Annual conference. He was also very active on the Coordination committee for the Dublin 2013 European Congress. Mark has worked with Government departments, Local Authorities and Private entities throughout Ireland to deliver high profile projects including Luas Lines A, B & C, M50 Freeflow Tolling Installation, SCATS implementation in Dublin City, Galway City UTMC implementation, M1 INSTANT, and the N7 Journey Time project.

Board Member – Mr David O’Keeffe

David O’Keeffe is a Chartered Civil Engineer with Engineer’s Ireland and a registered Professional Engineer (Traffic) in the State of California and possesses extensive experience in traffic management and operations, Geographical Information Systems and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Along with several others, David was instrumental in the formation of ITS Ireland and has been a member of the Governing Board since the formation of the organisation including serving as Chairman for a number of years. David is a Director with Arup where he is responsible for developing, managing and delivering Arup’s Intelligent Mobility business throughout Europe.

Board Member – Mr John Lane

John is Director of Special Projects & ITS with Electro.  He holds a B Comm degree specialising in Operations Research and Transport.  He is a Systems Analyst and has a Graduate degree in Marketing and Business Management.  John was a founder board member of ITS Ireland and has re-joined the board after some years absence.  He has delivered projects to various authorities in Ireland and the UK and is experienced in the IT Industry, ITS and Tolling Technology and Enforcement.  He was instrumental in the establishment of The GoSafe Outsourced Speed Enforcement Organisation and in the design and delivery of the National Traffic Management Contract for Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Board Member – Mr Barry McCann

DK_V1Barry McCann has worked in the transportation sector in a number of roles both in Ireland and abroad since 2008 and has worked in the ITS sector since 2011. He has experience in areas such as SCATS, LinSig, traffic-modelling, bus priority schemes and sustainable transport design. Barry leads the Continuing Education aspect of ITS Ireland’s operations in addition to general board duties and assists in other areas of ITS Irelands operation such as Internal Policy, Membership and Education. Barry holds a degree in engineering and a masters degree in electronic systems and currently works for Dublin City Council in the ITS Section of the Environment and Transportation Department.

Board Member – Mr Kevin O’Sullivan

KOSKevin O’Sullivan is a Chartered Civil Engineer with Engineers Ireland. He has worked in the transportation, tolling, traffic management, operations and ITS field for over 15 years in Ireland and the UK. Kevin was elected to the Governing Board in 2013. In addition to general board duties, Kevin is specifically responsible for website maintenance, communications and promotion in ITS Ireland. He is currently a board member of the ITS committee and is employed with Arup in the Consulting Group and has worked with operators, contractors and local authorities in Ireland.

Board Member – Mr Lewis Feely

Lewis Feely leads Roughan & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers’ ITS team, overseeing the delivery of ITS projects from initiation, design and procurement through to commissioning, operation and maintenance. Lewis has more than 14 years’ experience in the engineering industry and has been delivering ITS projects since 2009. A Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland, Lewis holds a post graduate Diploma (Hons) in Project Management from Trinity College Dublin. Lewis was elected to the governing body of ITS Ireland in 2016.

Strategic Advisor – Ms Celine Crawford

Celine brings over 20 years of national and international business experience to the ITS Ireland Board. Living and working in Silicon Valley, California for over 10 years, and working with Fortune 50 companies and technology startups, she has extensive knowledge of the technology industry at home and abroad. As an international consultant, she has worked in diverse industries, including transport, travel, healthcare, retail, law, communications and technology. Her business experience encompasses planning and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, financial and employee relations, and crisis and government communications. In her role as Strategic Advisor at Intelligent Transport Systems Ireland, Celine assists in communicating the benefits of ITS membership and the future strategic importance of intelligent transport solutions.



Board Member – Mr Paschal Griffin

Paschal is a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland.  He holds a primary Civil Engineering degree from UCC and a postgraduate diploma in Highway and Geotechnical Engineering from Trinity College.

He has over 30 years experience working primarily in the area of Roads and Transportation. He works as Senior Programme Manager, Network Operations with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly NRA).  He has been involved in the delivery of ITS solutions across the national road network for over 10 years.  He also has extensive experience of Temporary Traffic Management, including working with the Principal Response Agencies on Incident & Emergency Management on high-speed roads.  Paschal was elected to the Board of ITS Ireland in 2016.